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Causes and Treatments of Joint Pain

If you are suffering from joint pain like tenderness, locking, and acute pain, most of these symptoms can be traced to similar causes. Most joint pain is due to one of two factors: disease or damage. The damage can result from injury or the simple wear and tear that occur because of aging.

Joint pain caused by disease:

  • Bursitis, gout, lupus, tendinitis, and rheumatoid arthritis cause inflammation around and inside the joints, producing pain and nerve damage. As the tissues swell, they impinge nerves and damage tissue inside the joints. While each disease has different origins in your body, they all produce similar pain due to inflammation.
  • Osteoarthritis, which causes the bone in the joints to break down, primarily affecting the hands, hips and knees. As the bone becomes damaged, it wears at the protective cartilage, causing intense pain as the bone rubs against bone.
  • Systemic infections and other problems like Lyme disease, fibromyalgia, and neuropathy, in which intense joint pain is felt throughout the body

Joint pain caused by damage or injury:

  • Cartilage tears and wear over time: the buffer that the cartilage provides inside the joints can become torn from injury or simply wear down from use, causing intense pain inside the joint
  • Dislocation, tears, strains, and sprains: when the ligaments and tendons surrounding the joints are torn or strained, the joints themselves can become malformed or slip, causing intense pain

Treatment For Joint Pain

Luckily, whether your joint pain is caused by disease or by injury or wear, there are non-invasive treatments available that do not involve lengthy hospital stays, surgery, or regimens of intense pain medication. Two common options available for those seeking relief from joint pain are Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy and medically supervised weight loss programs.

PRP Injections For Joint Pain Relief Fort Bend County, TXPlatelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy uses the body’s own healing properties to create opportunities for damaged tissues to renew themselves and relieve pain directly at the damage site. Our medical team draws the patient’s blood and uses a centrifuge to create a concentrated dose of the patient’s platelets.

These platelets contain healing factors and cytokines as well as other mechanisms that message surrounding tissues to begin the healing process. While PRP cannot cure the diseases that may be leading to joint pain, it can address the inflammation and tissue damage they cause, offering the patient relief. If the pain is caused by tissue damage from injury or wear and tear, the PRP injection can target those areas and help the body renew the damaged tissues which are causing the pain, bringing true relief instead of simply masking it as medication does.

If your joint pain is brought about by complications from injury and wear and tear on the joints, often a root cause is pressure on the joints from excess weight. Under a medically supervised weight loss program, the patient can experience tremendous relief since it is a lifestyle change, not simply a small diet change. Without the extra pressure on the joints, much of the damage is eased, as well as the pain.

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"I saw Dr. Rimal for neck pain that I have been suffering with on and off for years. Rather than push pharmaceuticals, she recommended platelet rich plasma PRP injections. I can honestly say I have more range of motion with out pain than I have had in a very long time. Now, after doing some of my own reading on PRP and regenerative medicine I am looking forward to learning about other treatments she offers at her office. I did not even know treatments like this were an option, so do yourself a favor and do some research. I would recommend Dr. Rimal and her staff to anyone looking for an honest and knowledgeable healthcare provider that is up to speed on the latest medical treatments."

- Michaela R.
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