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Avoid Knee Replacement Surgery With PRP Therapy

Knee pain is among the most common cases we see and treat at our Family Medical Clinic in Sugar Land, TX and can be an issue for anyone at any age. If you find yourself among the many people who suffer from severe or chronic knee pain, you may also find yourself concerned about what the future may hold. Is this something that you will have to learn to live with the rest of your life? Will you ever be able to enjoy certain activities again without pain? Is this something you are going to have to treat long-term with medications? Or is this severe enough that it may require knee replacement surgery? Some or all of these may be questions or concerns you are facing.

The good news is that prescription drugs or invasive procedures are not your only option for effective, long-lasting pain relief. When knee replacement surgery seems inevitable, we offer patients an alternative through Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy.

PRP Therapy for Knee Pain Fort Bend County, TX

PRP Therapy for Knee Pain

Knee pain can come from many different sources; whether it is normal aging of the joints, cartilage damage, osteoarthritis, tendonitis, or a torn ACL or MCL, it affects your everyday activities. It can tremendously limit your mobility, making it seem impossible that avoiding surgery is an option.

PRP therapy utilizes your body’s own natural ability to heal itself. By using your blood, you can actually restore the damaged tissue in your knee, helping to relieve pain and inflammation in the area quickly and for a longer period.

The procedure itself is relatively simple and minimally invasive, using just a small sample of your blood collected at the time of the appointment. Once the sample is taken, a centrifuge will spin the vial until the plasma is separated from the rest of the blood. Once the plasma is isolated, it can then be injected into the injured knee. This is the moment the healing can begin. The platelets, when injected, help stimulate the body to begin to repair the damaged tissue. The body will typically respond pretty quickly to the treatment allowing you to begin to get relief not too long after you leave the office.

While knee replacement surgery may be the right choice for some, it is not always effective. Often there is a lengthy recovery, or may require physical therapy or medications and may possibly still have to deal with some pain and discomfort long-term. PRP therapy not only offers patients a long term solution, but there is also no downtime following the treatments, no medications, and you can get back to an active and healthy lifestyle right away without pain slowing you down.

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"I saw Dr. Rimal for neck pain that I have been suffering with on and off for years. Rather than push pharmaceuticals, she recommended platelet rich plasma PRP injections. I can honestly say I have more range of motion with out pain than I have had in a very long time. Now, after doing some of my own reading on PRP and regenerative medicine I am looking forward to learning about other treatments she offers at her office. I did not even know treatments like this were an option, so do yourself a favor and do some research. I would recommend Dr. Rimal and her staff to anyone looking for an honest and knowledgeable healthcare provider that is up to speed on the latest medical treatments."

- Michaela R.
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